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My questions are:

1. How dangerous is this level of anemia and low iron/ferritin... I mean, am I in danger of my heart stopping right this very minute?

[B]The level/stage of your anemia is considered to be moderate, not serious/severe and not life threatening. This is according to what they say at each stage. On the other hand my sister had this surgery and when she became anemic with a 9 ferritin her bariatric SP? specialist told her (maybe to scare her, I don't know) that he has seen a 22 year old have a heart attack and die from this. I guess it depends on your condition and if you already have any problems that might put you at further risk during this period. You should ask your doc that question. I had palps very badly with tachycardia and didn't die, with a ferritin of 2, which is very low.[/B]

2. Would these results merit IV iron infusions or blood transfusions? (I'm hoping so because I don't think I want to wait the weeks it could take to raise these levels via supplementation - also EVERY oral iron supplement I have tried causes me so much pain that it literally puts me out of commission.)
[B]Even if you have IV I think that it takes weeks to show improvement. This is also not without risk. Perhaps they would prescribe IV because of your malabsorption, but not always. It really depends on the doctor. I hope you are seeing the right type of doc for your condition. Regarding blood transfusion, my doc told me around 7 hgb that might be appropriate. What types of oral iron have you tried that were not successful for you? FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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