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Hi all~

I am going thru multiple health issues at the moment and just recently found out my Ferritin level is at an 8 (10-154)... So my endo had me do a CBC/diff and my hemoglobin was ok though??? It was at 13.4 (11.7-15.5)..

Here is the kicker though is that I feel like DEATH! I also have thyroid issues I am dealing with as well. SO my main question and concern here is should I be treating the low Ferritin or no?? My endo doesn't seem to concerned about it from what I can tell. But I really feel badly. I mean REAL BAD! Like death basically. And I am not sure if that is from the ferritin being low or the thyroid or what.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea what to do from here or where else to turn at this time.:angel:
My hema was not overly concerned with my ferritin of 10. I am now pretty sure that it was causing me to have dizzy spells when I stood up and otehr strange symptoms.

I am choosing to treat myself to get the ferritin up, because I need it to be higher because I run, and if I let it get too low, I will get anemic.

I thought I was crazy, because I kept calling my hema, telling her I thought my hemolytic anemia was back, because I was so tired. My hemoglobin kept coming back ok (11.9), and it wasn't until I asked to have my ferritin tested that I found out. Now, it all makes sense. If I don't fix it, my hemoglobin will really suffer.

I am slowly starting to feel better - I cut back on running and I have noticed my dizzy spells on standing up have gotten much better.

I think you should fix it before things get too bad.

Read my post about seeing the Neurologist. I had the exact same thing, in fact my ferritin is 8 also. And all other levels normal. You should be on a presciption strength iron supplement. I take Conison Caps and it doesn't upset my stomach or cause constipation. (everyone's different though)

Trust me we all know what you mean by feeling like death. You feel like your crazy. Reality doesn't seem real. Your so tired you can't think right but you can't sleep either, or at least sleep doesn't help, you wake up feeling exhausted. I had anxiety real bad. I noticed it multiplied my PMS by like 1000%. Your brain feels like its swimming in soup.

The main thing to remember is that it will get better. (Mine hasn't yet but I'm hopeful) It takes 3 months to feel any difference with supplements and most likely longer to fully recover. What makes me opptomistic is when I read on here that some people feel better than they ever had before. It takes MANY years to get to an 8 ferritin so just think how long you've been suffering but just chalked it up to being tired or hormonal or like me I just thought I was lazy.

Find another doc that will listen to you and not make you feel unimportant. Read alot of post on here, there is countless information and inspiration. I let my depression take over because I was so scared of my symptoms, now I feel more in control even though I'm not any better yet.

There are doctor out there that care. You just have to find them.:D
Yes, you should be treating a ferritin of 8. What--does your doctor want to WAIT until you are full blown anemic???

While your HGB is "normal", it is very low normal. And most healthy people do not walk around with their hemoglobin in the low normal ranges. I am one of those people who happen to keep copies of most lab work I have done. I looked back over the years of what my hemoglobin was during the times that I felt well (never had a ferritin check then). I was always around 14.1 or 14 for years. Then it started SLOWLY sliding down. When I went to the doctor feeling like death myself, I think I was around 12.0. Doctor said I was normal and I suppose I was considering that I fell in the normal ranges. But it wasn't normal for me.

Then I slipped to 11.7 and I really started pushing for tests. I found out my ferritin was at 5. Now that I am correcting things, I feel much better and my HGB is always around 13.9 to 14.0. My ferritin is still low (in the 20s) but I feel much more normal now.

So, get yourself some iron and work on it before you get into the anemia stage and your life REALLY gets affected. Because, let me tell you, when you do slip down that tad bit further, you feel 10 times worse.
Awesome! Thank-x for the suggestions and support. It is just so hard to function anymore with the way I feel most days. It seems like I can get thru a few hours of the day and then the rest of it is all a blur.

I have major stomach issues as well and am wondering what would be the best supplement to try???

I did post on the thyroid board also about the supplements I have but will try here also.

I have 2 kinds. They are just OTC. 1. High Potency Iron Supplement just store brand. It says 27mg from 86mg of Ferrour Fumarate. 2. Is Nature Made brand and says Iron 65mg Equvalent to 325 mg Ferrous Sulfate Supplement. Does anyone know which one might be better for what I am experiencing at the moment?

It's very hard to say what will work for you. I have stomach issues also (GERD). When I was first diagnosed, I had gastritis and even a Flinstones vitamin with iron was giving me a burn in my stomach. Right now I take the Flinstones with iron (Ferrous Fumerate 18 mg) in the morning and then later I take a supplmenet that is 27 mg Chelated Iron made my Natural Factors. These have both helped to bring my iron up gently.

I did try a few "supermarket" brands (Feosol for one) and it didn't bother me but I had reactions to the inert ingredients (hives) so I have to go with a supplement that has very little fillers. The Natural Factors I get from an organic market.

I know many people that have had good luck with Vitron C.
I haven't had any problems with Conison Caps but I do take it with food.
I also take the 27mg Chelated Iron in a chewable form by Carlson, but it may not be enough iron right away for some people, and it's my understanding that it's not a good iron to escalate the dose beyond the recommended amount because it is so well absorbed. I could be wrong about that. My anemia was mild, so it's a good choice for me. I have to say that I feel great, so I know it's working. It sounds like Christine's approach with a different type in her Flintstones might be brilliant. I have stopped taking my multivitamin since being on iron supplements. Does anyone know if there is something in a typical multivitamin that I need to be on the lookout for when iron supplementing? I don't want to poison myself on accident. And certainly I would not take them together

Vitron C and Floradix (which are two different types) both burned my stomach pretty badly.
I take Poly Iron 150, it is available OTC but behind the pharmacy window, You have to ask for it. It also has Vit-C already added for absorption. I was prescribed this type of iron because I also have great stomach issues. I am able to take this iron on an empty stomach and never have S/E's. I take this along with prenatal vitamin to help rebuild blood cells. My GI doc said this combo would not hurt me. I do keep my blood levels checked every 3 months. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I take Chromagen Forte and have had very little side effects.

These pills contain iron (460 mg. of ferrous fumerate), vitamin C, B-12, and folic acid. They are prescription pills though.

I like that the vitamin C is already included since the Vitamin C helps with better iron absorption.

Good Luck!
Script or not, if it is tolerable on the stomach and GI tract I'm all for it! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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