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Yes, you should be treating a ferritin of 8. What--does your doctor want to WAIT until you are full blown anemic???

While your HGB is "normal", it is very low normal. And most healthy people do not walk around with their hemoglobin in the low normal ranges. I am one of those people who happen to keep copies of most lab work I have done. I looked back over the years of what my hemoglobin was during the times that I felt well (never had a ferritin check then). I was always around 14.1 or 14 for years. Then it started SLOWLY sliding down. When I went to the doctor feeling like death myself, I think I was around 12.0. Doctor said I was normal and I suppose I was considering that I fell in the normal ranges. But it wasn't normal for me.

Then I slipped to 11.7 and I really started pushing for tests. I found out my ferritin was at 5. Now that I am correcting things, I feel much better and my HGB is always around 13.9 to 14.0. My ferritin is still low (in the 20s) but I feel much more normal now.

So, get yourself some iron and work on it before you get into the anemia stage and your life REALLY gets affected. Because, let me tell you, when you do slip down that tad bit further, you feel 10 times worse.

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