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[QUOTE=bluiz13;3529778]Is anyone going through weekly IV treatments? I am, ( on venofer) and after my 3rd treatment, (I go once a week), my HGB only went up to 8.6 from 8.5. I'm getting a little discourged. Though I do have 3 more scheduled. Should I just be more patient, does it take a while for this to help?

HGB 8.6
Ferritin 3
Total Iron 1

Thank you for any input![/QUOTE]

My oldest sister it took 4-6 weeks to notice a difference but then numbers dropped again until they found out what was causing the iron to drop. Have they looked into what is causing your low numbers? Well this week will be my 3rd iron infusion and I also take liquid iron daily and I am one of the people that have the side effects from the IV (throat will hurt when swallowing, tingling lips, my body is so sore it hurts to move). They will check my levels on 5/1/08 and I pray they go up. I am the third one in my family with this low iron problem and we found out it is all from having gastric bypass. The only real cure for us will be a hysterectomy. One sister had hers already and her numbers are great now. My sister who is only 27 is having one on 5/6/08, mine will be when my numbers go up and now my sisiter who is 30 will be joining me with iron infusions. I pray she doesn't have the same side effects I did.

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