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Audrey--Unfortunately your story is starting to sound a little like mine. Hashi's, malabsorption, hair falling-out and I have been discussing Adrenal Fatigue with my Endo as well. I understand how you are feeling because this is another thing we have in common. When I went to the GI doc and found out that I have malabsorption going on (from Nexium), after 1 year and being told that it was from heavy periods by all other docs, It was extremely overwhelming. He asked, do I understand and I said, yes! I knew exactly what he was saying because this was my BIG concern 1 year ago and I asked the Hematologist if that was my problem then. In addition, of course the heavy periods that I was having needed to be corrected to say the least. His answer was have a GB if I want to have malab. So, I didn't ask any questions because I was so floored that I was getting a DX after all this time. Well, by the time I got home I had lots of questions. Now I am playing over the phone question and answers sessions, and I hate it.

I am really concerned to say the least about malabsorption. I have read that mineral malab.. is of not only iron but also, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron. All of these need gastric acid, which I am low on. I already knew that iron, zinc and copper work in unison and excess of any one of these will automatically deplete stores in the other 2. This is why I take a prenatal until I get doctors to test for more things which they all want the other one to do OR I have to come up with the idea on my own. The thing is I'm really getting tired of having to ask for things, I'm not the one with MD after my name.

My sister keeps telling me that the hair problem is from lack of protein. In her case she had GB and in the beginning after surgery she had lost a lot of hair. It's all back now, better than ever! So, when I complain of the hair issue, she say it's protein. After reading your post maybe this too is my problem. Audrey perhaps this will stop your hair from extra shedding once and for all.

I'm waiting to hear from my doc about doing the stool test as you have done for mal. I really hope they do that. Do you know what all it tells them? I know it is not a fun test, I had to do the 3 day occult blood test in the beginning.

I'm really happy for you that you are finally getting to the bottom or just the beginning of what is really going on with you. Isn't it a relief though to know that there are more reasons for feeling like crap for so long? I guess we all need validation after such an ordeal. I hope your new tabs help you to feel better. Keep us posted on your success. I hope the T3 meds help you too. I don't know if you read my post but I have now gone Hyper for the first time, that I know of! And yes, I agree with the fact that it is NOT enough to just begin iron supplements without finding the reason for the anemia. That is the first thing my Endo told me. Anemia as we all know, is a symptom not a disease in itself! Thanks for your post. FLFLOWERGIRL

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