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I think your twitches are probably related to your low B12 - I had terrible twitching in the 300's - so much that I worried I had some other disease. It took weeks for it to go away after my B12 levels had come up. You may need shots more often. Press them to test your levels again. Also, you need to make sure you're taking a B complex so your B's don't get out of whack. How's your folic acid level?

With B12, for me, it wasn't a steady progression of getting better. I'd feel better one day, then just horrendous the next. And on days that I got the B12 shot, I'd be exhausted, but better the next day. Someone with pernicious anemia told me that it's because your body gets busy with the B12 putting it to use and that's what makes you tired - your body is repairing things.

Also, you're probably still out of whack from the antibiotics for H.pylori. Those can affect your sleeping, too. I know when I was on Levaquin, I could not sleep at all. It was terrible.

It will take awhile, but you should start having some better days soon.

The twitching for me was very, very scary. My leg would jump or when I laid down one side of my body would twitch - like when you just about fall asleep and then your body jumps? It was like that. It was like a body quake. My arm would sometimes jump - which really scared me when I was driving. I had no idea it was related to the B12, but when I found out, I was so relieved. IT got so bad at one point, that I couldn't sleep.

For vitamin testing, I'd want to know B12, D, potassium, and folic acid, along with a full CBC and iron panel and make sure that includes ferritin. In addition, it might make sense to check thyroid, just to make sure it's doing ok.


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