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You'll get alot of good advice here. Reading many of the posts, you will quickly see that alot of people are hunting down a mystery as to why this is happening to them now. It's a fairly serious thing and you do need to persevere until you get the answers as to why your ferritin is so low. Others here will know better than I do as to what other tests you should request. I think your doctor should test your thyroid levels. If he questions you as to why you might want other tests, I would say he's not adequately prepared to figure this out. Alot of doctors apparently don't agree that a low ferritin level will make you feel crummy. This was news to me because many people here will tell you they can barely lift their heads when their ferritin is low. If it turns out for whatever reason, that you don't like this doctor, can you talk to someone in your new hometown that likes their doctor? That's how I found my doctor when I moved to Oregon 3 years ago. Our first doctor was a seemingly competent doctor and she also came through a recommendation from someone, but she seemed very rushed and low and behold, she confused a heart problem from another patient with my husband and made him go through a ton of tests not to mention scaring the heck out of him.

I am also suspecting something perhaps with your workouts. I was just doing some cursory checking on the internet, and apparently athletes acquire anemias and low ferritin alone, but I am not sure of the mechanisms which make this happen. One site I found said that athletes who have a low ferritin but normal HGB should be careful supplementing with iron for too long. So perhaps talking to someone who deals with performance or sports medicine might be helpful. Plus your body is fighting an infection. Working out harder is not going to help and, in fact, the fatigue is your body's way of telling you something isn't right. Don't misunderstand, you DO need some cardio, but really gentle stretching stuff that oxygenates your blood without taxing your heart so much. Loving to workout myself, I know this is going to be tough. Also, I saw alot of healthy foods on your menu, but I did not see any red meat. If this is something due to your workouts, wouldn't you rather get your iron from meat rather than a pill? You can get very nice grain fed lamb or beef from one of the healthy foods grocery chains (board rules don't permit us to post the names, but I'm sure you know which stores I mean.)

These are just some thoughts. I'm sure you will get many answers here. Good luck!!!

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