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Kelly--If you donate blood on a regular basis, this can use up your ferritin stores. Also, this is quite common in runners, and athletes, (as the previous poster points out), to have low iron. Perhaps it is a combo of both things. There can be more than one reason as a cause, sometimes many.

The amount of iron that is used by the body must be replaced by the amount of iron intake, through diet and/or supplements. If this is insufficient, that is when the body begins using the iron stores. My doc explained it to me as if there were a hole in my bucket and the bucket never fillis up. Over a long period of time, for many it is years, the ferritin is being used when the body signals that it is needed. Slowly it drains your ferritin from the bone marrow and organs where it is stored. Anemia is the end and final stage of ferritin stores. For you it means that your iron stores are exhausted, a ferritin under 10 with no anemia. Anemia is the next stage when the iron deficiency decreases the Hgb. Your body has been keeping up for a long time, most likely years.

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