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Well, I am no doctor, but just reading up on the Primary Adrenal Insufficiency or Addison's Disease sounds like it could cause your symptoms as well as cause anemia. What next steps is your doctor proposing to treat you? From what I have found to read up on that condition, it is serious and should be treated immediately. Please don't let your doctor ignore this (your new friends on the board will worry). :(

Addison's can cause a person to have a sudden drop in BP or potassium and it is a life-threatening emergency. I have experienced a sudden potassium drop when I was a starving exhausted college student working two jobs. It manifested as a irregular heart rhythm and I drove myself to the ER. It's not something I was able to ignore, even if I wanted to.

Anemia alone (from what I am finding out here on this board) can cause you to be rejected by blood banks for donation. And yet, they are still taking your blood. I would say to answer your question, yes, take a year off for blood donations and take iron supplements. But if this were me, I would get to the bottom of the other issues while you are building your blood back.

It takes over 100 days for bone marrow to manufacture a new blood cell. Your recovery from anemia alone could take some time and I am only telling you this because I wish someone had told me. I wanted to feel better fast, and it takes a while.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

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