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Dr. called and b12 at 1200. Great . But I had the shot on sunday and bloodwork monday. Is this a true picture of b12 and should I be symptom free? Also my ferritin is 12 and my Dr. put me on repliva- I think. What is the opinion of this? Will I experience symptoms of anemia with only a low ferritin? I am exhausted and achy. The symptoms go on and on. The twitching has gone which makes me very happy but I am still a little itchy. Not like last week. Let me know what you guys think. As always I appreciate the input.:)
samsam77- I had sympyoms I bet for a year before they discovered H. pylori. I too thought it was stress. I had terrible fatigue, joint pain, headaches, twitching and bloated stomach. No pain. Weird. I finally went to my Dr. for fatigue and joint pain. Ended up at a rheumie who sent me to a gastrologist . I had low b12 of 286 and low ferritin of 15. He did a colonoscopy and endoscopy and he found gastritis due to h. pylori. No ulcer yet. But the recovery has been tough. I have good and bad days. Last week I had bad itching and twitching and sure enough went to Dr. and my ferritin dropped another 3 pts to 12. I started repliva with no problem so far. Tell me about your symptoms and what made you think you needed to see a Dr. Did you have low b12 and ferritin? Were you anemic? I was not anemic but close . My hemoglbin was 13 with 12 being the cut off. I would bet I was anemic today. No cbc done on re-test. Let me know.

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