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[QUOTE=PinkPrincessLil;3549024]I am 24, and the mother of two boys.

As long as I could remember (since 15ish) I have had low iron, but no doctor ever did or said anything about it, just that it was low. I ended up havng crazy blood work and had to see a hematologisy (very low iron, low potassium and white blood cells & b12, along with protein in my urine).

Blood cells went up, they fluctuate apparently, and they never re-tested my urine.

Since January I have gotten monthly b-12 shots, have constant everyday headaches, tired and crappy feeling, palpitations, memory loss (not stuff from my past, but when I am talking I constantly forget what I am saying, or can't remember a word), wacked out monlthy cycles. (No chance of pregnancy tubes are tied) thirsty all the time (no diabestes) I think that's it I can't remember. OH1 I also gained 20lbs from Feb until now, and I have no thryroid issues)

I started iron infusions last Friday, now I have to go weekly for them and weekly b-12 shots. (I took oral iron 3 times a day from mid January until this past Friday with no improvement) .

Do all of my issues stem from just low iron? I feel like I can barely function and NO one believes it! They think I am lazy! Which couldn't be farther from the truth!

I am not sure what my levels are, but when I go this Thursday I am going to get a copy of my blood work.[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear everything you are going thru but I can totally relate. My low iron and low b-12 didn't start until after I had gastric bypass. My oldest son feels I am lazy and just don't want to work or pick up the house. I have no energy, can't focus and now due to weekly iron infusions I am one of the lucky ones who gets the side effects.
Everyone has didn't reactions to low iron and ferratin levels as 4 of my family members all are going thru this and feel differently. For us they are going to do hysterectomys after they get our levels up. SOrry lost train of thought. Hang in there and we will make it thru this as others have. take care.

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