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[QUOTE=irisheyes39;3556206]Update and need Flowergirl's opinion....
Had the B12 shot a little over week ago. Tried to take Slow FE and couldnt tolerate the stuff with GERD symptoms.

[B]The Poly Iron 150 that I take is located within the pharmacy, you have to ask for it. It is not a script. :) There is another that might be right for you which is, Poly Iron "Forte" and It has the B-12 in it too. It also contains Vitamin C so that you don't have to add it in extra for absorption. It is the same thing I take but added B-12. You can try it and ask your doc how much is right for you. I took 300mgs for a year and now take 150 for life I am told??????

[B]I have read that oral B-12 IS absorbed because it is a synthetic type of B-12. When people have a B-12 deficiency they do not absorb from food due to whatever reasons. When taking oral or sublingual forms it is absorbed. A lot of people don't think that orally is absorbed because they do not absorb from food, so how could this work. It is because of the type of B-12 and in synthetic form it is absorbed. At least this is what I have read about it, I don't claim to be a medical professional by any means, only in MY home. LOL!

Thing is though I have felt better than I have felt in 7 or 8 years. The fog lifted a lot but it seems to be coming on a bit now. Does that mean I need a shot ever week?

[B]Many people get loaded doses until monthly or whatever is prescribed. You should explain to your doc your positive progress and they may prescribe more. I had a friend that did well with the initial shots but her doc declined more frequent B-12 injections. I would take the sublingual along with the shots. I don't know if we said that yet?[/B]

I have loaded up on red meat too. I had not ate red meat for years on top of everything else and you know what, my BP has dropped through the floor!! I have been to the ER with 200/110 several times in the past and with migraine headaches. For the past 7 years I have taken on average 2 Darvocets a day and/or up to 4g of Tylenol.

[B]Wow! That's great news about your BP and I can relate to that too. I was put on BP meds temporarily when I was anemic because of the high heart rate and BP would spike to 165/100 at a doctors visit. I couldn't take it because of my stomach upset, it would burn like aspirin. Anyway, after the anemia resolved so did the high numbers. Could your meds have caused your BP to go up? I know this is different for everyone but perhaps it is the need for iron or B-12. I know if you are eating red meat (3X weekly) that it is a very well absorbed iron and you really make fast progress so this may have helped more than you know. You really need to ask your doc for an iron and get on one that you can tolerate, it is of equal importance as the B-12. When your body is deficient and finally gets what is needed you have a very profound response. I know for years I would try to begin vitamins and never could, but I felt like someone gave me a miracle drug. My family never could understand that I could feel so good on vitamins. Now I have to take a prenatal that is gentle on my stomach and well tolerated. I understand the difference that you are feeling. If you are very deficient in iron I don't think that diet alone will work so you need to follow through with the iron. Glad to hear you are doing so well, it's great to hear ~good news~ posts here. FLFLOWERGIRL:)


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