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OH my dear Irisheyes. I sooo know how you feel! I suffer myself from pernicious anemia and my b12 got down to 24! I have researched Soooooo much that my head is filled with B12 o mania!
At a level of 300 your body will already suffer from neurological damage that can be repaired when your levels get up, hopefully.

I had weight loss surgery and through research and great Dr's i have discovered that new research indicates that the New level for low b12 is 800. Most Dr's won't even be educated on this information and refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of low b12.

I was given 100 B12 shots in one year... yes... you heard it correctly. 100 of them. I was taught by a nurse to do them at home. When my b12 level was up to 980 at the end of that first year I was lowered to a shot every other week. Now 5 months later My blood is showing a B12 deficiency again and my level dropped to 400. I have been put on a daily injection for two weeks, then a weekly injection for LIFE. Since they lowered my injections to bi weekly my energy level has gone through the floor. Luckily my iron and hemoglobin haven't gone down too far this time. Without healthy b12 levels your body can't convert iron into red blood cells to transport oxygen to your organs. It can also leave you short on air!

Ok... now for the part you all will put me down for. I am very involved in a pernicious anemia group, and they all get their supply of B12 from the same place which is available without an Rx. but... it's a veterinary supply!
I know of well over 100 people that do weekly B12 injections, or more often until their levels are well above 1000, in a healthy range. You can't OD on B12 since it's water soluble. You will pee out the extra if it isn't absorbed. You not only need to bring your blood to a healthy B12 level but you need to fill your marrow stores also before your dosage is lowered.

My Dr. and Dr's belonging to the group all insist that a vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin. So they say it's OK to take the injections of the B12 complex for COWs! Moooo...
I told my hubby when i start mooing and scratching my back on a fence to let me know.

DO a search on CalVet where you can get a B complex bottle of 250 injections for 11.99 plus shipping.
All of my friends swear by this and you can do what needs to be done without 1000 trips to the pharmacy or Dr.

Now you can all Dis me! I don't care, I have the energy to live my life once again. I'm sold!

Every one of the ingredients have been approved by my Dr, who is a HUGE researcher for the Indiana University Medical Center.

A recovering pernicious anemia researcher

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