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I do know someone who was misdiagnosed with MS when she really had low B12 - I can't remember all the details, something about lesions on an MRI that were misinterpreted. At any rate, your B12 is very low, and it will take awhile to get it to where you're feeling better. You might do well to take the sublingual B12 tablets as well. When you're supplementing B12, you need to take a multiple B vitamin to stay in balance, eat lots of potassium (like bananas), and make sure you're folic acid and ferritin is tested as well. These are all things that need to be present to help your body heal.

The twitches are a big symptom of having low B12. When I was at 326, I had terrible twitches. It took awhile to get better - I'd feel better one day, then terrible the next. Have you been tested for pernicious anemia?

Oh, and when my B12 was really low, my blood pressure was higher than normal.


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