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irisheyes39--I understand your post completely. I have many if not all of your symptoms. Yes, heavy periods for two years can in fact cause this to happen. Things like these go on for many years until the ferritin is drained and anemia (the last stage of iron stores) sets in. Same with B-12.

Neuro feelings, numbness, tingling and pain are usually related to a B-12 deficiency (or other vitamins and minerals), although I do not have a B-12 def myself. Your B-12 is low, they say under/around 400 CAN present symptoms although docs say 200 is normal. Craving strange non food substances and hair loss are related to iron.

There can be more than one reason for anemia or low numbers or even several. B-12 and Folic Acid usually point to a different type of anemia other than iron deficiency anemia (due to fibroids, heavy bleeding), i.e., PA Pernicious Anemia, Celiac disease (AI disease), gastritis, malabsorption and other things. B-12 can last 2-5 years w/malabsorption going on before levels go down. As far a B-12 is concerned the reasons for the deficiency can be divided into 3 cats. 1. Nutritional def. 2. Malab syndromes 3. Gastro causes. A GI doc would be the one to see for this.

You should have a ferritin test to know where you stand with your iron stores. You can have B-12 def and IDA at the same time. If you cannot tolerate iron supplements there are types that are RX and have some have none/little S/E's. I take Poly iron 150mgs that is a different type of iron for this reason. I have no S/E's. You can ask your doc. You just have to try until you find one that is right for you. But you do have to replace the iron because it makes the blood.

As you mentioned the MS perhaps not being correct. I would think that you have had all the test that would back the diagnosis. I know that the symptoms of anemia are much the same as many other things like thyroid disease, so I would also have that checked if not already. Hope this has helped. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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