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steveamy0503--When you have Iron Deficiency Anemia your H & H are always Low out of range, also, the MCV, MCH, MCHC are Low with the Platelets and RDW both High. Microcytic cells as reflected in the MCV, Mean Corepuscular Volume (value below 80) are often results of IDA. When I saw all the same type of results it scared me too! There are also many causes for this type of anemia. This can be caused most commonly by menstruation or due to disease. Anemia is a symptom not a disease in itself and a cause has to be determined by your doc. This can also be in the gastro tract and there are tests such as colonoscopy, endoscopy and fecal occult blood to rule out blood loss or other reasons.

B-12 and/or Folate are usually due to insufficient absorption which can also be from many causes. PA is just one Autoimmune condition that leads to B-12 deficiency from lack of IF, Intrinsic Factor.

Niferex is the same iron that I have been taking without any s/e's. Mine is under the name Poly Iron 150 it is a well tolerated iron so you got lucky there. Other irons can be very hard to take.

Your doc will run tests to determine what type of anemia you have and request further testing to find the cause. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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