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When I was at my worst with B12 (I was 329, I think.), my hemoglobin was only slightly low - in fact, she probably wouldn't have even checked B12 if I hadn't told her about my twitches and low energy. My hema wasn't testing my iron then, but I do think what's circulating in your blood affects the test.

I did have terrible heart palps with low B12 - I also had the owl hooting when I bent over, and slightly higher blood pressure. Now, if you have a folic acid deficiency and are supplementing, that will affect the size of your red blood cells, which could mask things. It's best to look at the total picture.

Yes, they should definitely check your ferritin, and if it's low normal, you should probably ask about supplementation - as your B12 levels recover, your body will draw on the ferritin supplies.

There's so much to get in line - the ferritin, the B12, the folate (folic acid) levels, oh, and don't forget about the other B's and the potassium. The best way to get the potassium is through bananas. If any of these things are out of wack, things can't get back to normal as quickly, or maybe not at all.

What's going on with your white count? Do they have an idea why everything got so out of whack? Recent illness?


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