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First of all the lab range for ferritin is usually 10-291 or can vary slightly. My Hematologist thinks that anything above 10 is normal but is **** ** ****! My Ferritin was as low as a 2 and I didn't feel a thing. After I was there for a while up to 9 for 6 months I began to feel really really bad! When I hit 20 and up I felt a much different body the fatigue was much different and getting better and still is at a 43 Ferritin last check. I am taking 150 mgs of Poly Iron daily to rebuild ferritin stores it is a well tolerated iron different from many others that is commonly recommended by docs. I did take 300 for the last year due to a Hgb of 8.5. You most def need iron to build store to 50-100 I would say. And if these levels are so called normal why do we feel so bad until they reach a higher number???? I think that is enough proof right there, how you feel at that level? FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Hi Christine! Let me guess, you had to ask for the Ferritin test right? Sounds like your doctor learned a little lesson. Perhaps he can help others sooner with this experience. I'm getting the feeling they are just giving text book answers from med school. I wonder what they really learned about the ferritin?

I agree with Christine and Audrey about the TSH. However, many doctors would not treat that TSH number so that too can be a problem. They like to watch it for a while and see if it goes up too much. One of my docs said, he would treat at an 10 and the other says 8. Maybe they are not real good either, but one is considered a top thyroid doc on the list for what that's worth? I go to him now and he wants my TSH at a 2 and I too have Hashi's. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I think that you will find that your Endo will say your Ferritin should be much higher than 17. And.. I hope he will help with your thyroid levels. I know I feel much better somewhere close to 2. I hear it should be 1 if you have Hashi's. Also, have your Cholesterol checked because this too can go hand in hand with Hypo T. Maybe you will get lucky and he will help you with everything at the same time. How long do you have to wait to see this doctor? Keep us posted on your results and good luck to you! FLFLOWERGIRL:)
My appointment isn't until June 4. The other Dr. I could've gone to didn't have any appointments until July 2. I've waited this long, guess one more month is ok. My cholesterol levels have always been in the 150-180 range so I don't think that's the issue. My SHBG was at the extreme low end of the range, 32, but I don't know what that hormone does. Looking forward to hopefully figuring this all out and feeling better as I have four kids at home to take care of. Need to be able to keep up with them :)
The long wait time is pretty standard for getting into an endo, and actually, June 2nd isn't that far off. I've heard of people having to wait 2 months for a new patient appointment.

Good luck and I hope you find a doctor who "listens". You probably need to work both on your thyroid and your iron levels and not just one.
Just a followup...Finally got a Dr. that listened to me. The Endo definitely agreed that I was iron deficient and started me on supplements asap. I was a serious gestational diabetic so he is testing my glucose as well. He indicated that I should have been getting it tested every year. The last time it was done was in 2004 - neither my primary or OB apparently dealt with it as it should have been. He also indicated that my TSH was slightly elevated but wants to address the other two before the thyroid to see if it helps. Follow up in 2 months. The information you all have given me is great and really helped. Thanks!

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