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Hi about a year ago my endo checked my B12 and it was 363 (range 190-900) at the time when he said it was completly normal and not indicative of a deficiency i didnt think anymore of it, however recently after looking on these sites and my worsening symptoms im not so sure. (SYMPTOMS- WEAKNESS, NO ENERGY, FATIGUE, LOW BLOOD SUGAR, PALE SKIN, COLD, WEIGHT LOSS, THIN HAIR, NAUSEA, ?DIABETES INSIPIDUS ETC)
Do you think i should have my B12 rechecked as its been about a year or more since this result, or should i just try and ask my gp to start me on suppliments or something, or does it look ok?
Also my ferritin last year was 8, then 9 months later was down to 5, have just had ion suppliments for a month and it went to 30, am off iron now and will have it rechecked in 3 months. Endo thinks it might be an internal bleed but i have no other symptoms, and periods arnt the cause, could low ferritin be linked to B12?
Please post back, thanks
A B12 level of 363 could certainly cause the symptoms you described. My hema says that some patients are symptomatic up to the 600 range. She likes her patients to be in the 800 range.

If your ferritin is that low, chances are, if left untreated your hemoglobin will lower, and then you're going to have a longer time getting back.

I think you should have everything rechecked, and start sublingual B12 vitamins - that will help. Also ask them to test your folate levels - you could be lacking there as well.

I wouldn't be happy with numbers like yours, especially given your symptoms.
You could be feeling so much better with the proper supplements! You've got to try, right?


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