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I am new here and hoping for some advice. I have been in menopause since age 51. This past Oct, at age 53, I had a hysterectormy (LAVH) for fibroids. The fibroids were causing pressure symptoms, only miniscule spotting. I only lost about 150 cc of blood during the surgery and felt I was recovering well enough to resume exercising. In January I donated blood (standard pint), the first donation I'd made in over 20 yrs.. Over the following weeks I began to feel horrible. Extreme fatigue, short of breath with exertion, restless leggs, insomnia, muscle/joint pain..etc. Tried to donate blood in March and was told "no", my hematocrit was 35. I saw a doctor who immediately started me on Poly Iron 150 capsules 3X a day, gave me a b12 shot and ordered blood tests with the following results flagged as out of range:
Iron: 30
%SAT: 7
Hemoglobin: 11.4L
MCHC: 29.3L
RDW: 14.7H
EOS: 7H - I have bad allergies
Ferritin: 5

The nurse gave me the b12 shot before my blood was drawn and my b12 level was over 2000. I was retested a week later and it was still high at 931.
My problem appears to me to be iron deficiency. Could a single blood donation deplete my iron stores that much? My CBC before the surgery in Oct. was "normal". I just had a colonoscopy in Jan. 2007, it was negative. I have taken Aciphex (PPI) daily for years. I am due to see my doctor this Tuesday and wonder what I should expect/ask from her in the way of follow-up.

She also tested my thyroid, the results are "normal" but someone on the thyroid board said that they are not that good, so I wonder if I have two entirely separte issues going on.

TSH: 2.877
Free T4: .91
T3 Uptake 24.6

Sorry for such a long introductory post, but I feel absolutely miserable and want to be prepared for Tuesday's doctor visit.

Thanks so much for any advice.

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