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I know I should be greatful that I am no longer anemic, but I was hoping for some better progress.

Last January, I had my ferritin run and it had gone up from 25 to 29. My HGB was 14.1 (or is that HCT). Can't remember my HCT.

I finally had some new labs done and finally got results today:

HGB - 13.3
HCT - 38.8
RBC - 4.1 (flagged as low)
MCV was good at 93
MCH was slightly elevated as it has been since the anemia was corrected?

Anyway, I'm just so irritated. A made NO progress since January and, in fact, slipped a bit. Not sure what to do at this point.

On top of it all, I have been having other health issues starting in January. Out of nowhere, on January 8th, to be exact, I started having PVCs (heart palps), all day, everyday. I let it ride for 3 weeks until my upcoming endo visit (I suspected my thyroid meds were off and I was hyper). Well, the test revealed that my tsh was at 0.35 where it had been so I couldn't blame that.

I had a Holter monitor that revealed 257 PVCs in a 24 hour period but everything was "benign". I tried to ignore it until my psychiatrist (who I see for anxiety said I should pursue it with a cardiologist). When I went to see him, he felt it was benign also but wants me to do a treadmill stress test (May 19th). In the meantime, I went to have another thyroid test done because I am "hot flashing" a lot. I keep saying "Hey, maybe it's perimenopause." Come to find out, my TSH is now at 0.07 which my endo says it TOO LOW for me. So, I am hyper. I'm truly wondering if this really hasn't been the cause of the heart problem all along as I've been hot since that time. Maybe the January labs were "off."

Well, sorry to ramble but I am just so bummed over the ferritin. I just don't know how to proceed.

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