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Hi Christine--Sorry I missed your post but I haven't been here. I agree with you, that you need a HIGH dose iron supplement. At least you do know that you do in fact absorb iron which is a great plus. That is the first hurdle I think, then you have to take the right amount of iron which can be hard. You know how much I took to get to 43 and now I am on 150 daily forever and hopefully climbing. I will know my results in another month and let you know.

Your PPI history sounds like mine so maybe you are looking at a similar situation, highly likely. So that is an easy fix (easy for me to say), if you can find a power packed iron that you can take. If it is the covering that you cannot take I would cut them open and convert them into a different clear cap type of pill from the health food store. Or try a compound pharmacy where they would make it for you. I can tell you that when I passed the 20 something ferritin number that is when I started to really notice a difference with the fatigue which is now almost completely gone. I think it's something you HAVE to do for yourself. I am a firm believer in high dose iron and watching your ferritin levels will keep you from overload, so really there is nothing to worry about there. I know that your doctors are not worried about you, but we here on the Anemia board are! You will make leaps and bounds when you take the higher dose. Remember, I told you about the hole in the bucket theory, that story still stands true for you. I have been on PPI's for the same amount of time as you and between that and never really eating meat before, heavy periods there you go. But all of that is corrected now and it is only the PPI's that are left. I have much more to learn about malabsorption but the doc won't return my call to give me more information. I guess I will have to take it up with my PCP one day, I just don't want to go to another doctors appointment still. I really wish you could try the Poly Iron because I feel that it saved me from IV iron and other bad reactions.

Regarding your PVC's I really think that is related to your thyroid too. When I went hyper 0.16 I felt really weird and the palps started again. I got scared and thought that my blood levels dropped again, but I knew they couldn't have that fast. Thank goodness that it was time for thyroid testing (by luck) and I found out that was the cause. I'm sure that you will pass your stress test with "flying colors." I was wondering about your PVC's. I went to the Cardiologist the other day with my Mom and he said these are completely normal to have. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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