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Runnergirl1--The Iron Stats tell very little really about how much iron is in your body. It tells more about how much iron is circulating in your blood stream at the time of testing. The supplements that you take and food that you eat all change this number. These values however, are a one tool that is used to diagnose Iron Deficiency Anemia. The ferritin is the amount of iron that is stored for later use when needed and is much more accurate. Anything under a 10 ferritin is considered not really having any iron at all. My range for Ferritin is 13-150 and this also varies from lab to lab. My ferritin was 3 and is now 43 so that number takes a very long time to rebuild. My Sat % was 6 and Serum Iron was 34 when I was first diagnosed, but I had already started on iron when this blood count was taken so maybe it was up a little at that time. Now over a year later my Sat% is 15 and Serum Iron is 66. Just to give you an idea of how those numbers change although it doesn't make a hoot. You should also have your B-12 and Folate tested too if you haven't already. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
[QUOTE=kw123;3571967]Do you have any symptoms to go along with low #'s. Let me know.[/QUOTE]

Ok, symptoms.....

my heart palpitates for no reason and quite often. I am rather short of breath all the time, I have horrible headaches all in my forehead only. I bruise like there is no tomorrow. My hair is thinning. I had been experiencing some numbness and weakness in my hands but the numbness pretty much corrected itself when I stopped the gluten. I also have a really kind of short temper-ish situation...very emotional and out of control which is SO not me. My husband just keeps commenting that I am "not acting like myself" --but not really sure if that counts for any "symptom" just something that is NOT me. I am always in control. Always cool and collected.

Feeling really bummed about this.

white blood cell count 5.2
Red blood cell count 4.20
Hemoglobin says 10.3 L
Hematocrit 31.8 L
MVC 75.6 L
HCH 24.5 L
HCHC 32.4
RDW 18.7 H
Platelet Count 437 H

by the way, thanks so much to all of you for responding to me. :)

There were some other things but I am not sure what you all refer to with the CBC.

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