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[QUOTE=kw123;3571967]Do you have any symptoms to go along with low #'s. Let me know.[/QUOTE]

Ok, symptoms.....

my heart palpitates for no reason and quite often. I am rather short of breath all the time, I have horrible headaches all in my forehead only. I bruise like there is no tomorrow. My hair is thinning. I had been experiencing some numbness and weakness in my hands but the numbness pretty much corrected itself when I stopped the gluten. I also have a really kind of short temper-ish situation...very emotional and out of control which is SO not me. My husband just keeps commenting that I am "not acting like myself" --but not really sure if that counts for any "symptom" just something that is NOT me. I am always in control. Always cool and collected.

Feeling really bummed about this.

white blood cell count 5.2
Red blood cell count 4.20
Hemoglobin says 10.3 L
Hematocrit 31.8 L
MVC 75.6 L
HCH 24.5 L
HCHC 32.4
RDW 18.7 H
Platelet Count 437 H

by the way, thanks so much to all of you for responding to me. :)

There were some other things but I am not sure what you all refer to with the CBC.

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