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I have no experience with IV iron therapy myself. You can use the search box at the top of the page and see what others have had to say about IV iron. From what I have read Venofer is the only way to go if you are going to go the IV route.

What types of iron and what doses were you on before? Was there any amount of absorption going on? I ask because I was also told that I couldn't take oral iron, but did in the end after going to a new doctor that put me back on iron supplements at all costs and this was a Hematologist. I though he was crazy and that he was trying to kill me or something. I did go back on it and finally after many months it kicked in for me. This was all based on the fact that I went from a 2 to a 6 ferritin he said that I was in fact absorbing and that's all he needed to know. It has taken me over a year to get to a 43 ferritin and I am still on iron and sure that the ferritin is up to 60 I hope by now. I was moderately anemic for 7 months, 8.5 hgb and 2 ferritin.

I was told my anemia was from heavy periods (Polyps), but that is resolved now which did help a lot. I am still a very slow absorber and I am told ( a year later by the GI) that is is from taking Nexium for 8 years. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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