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I don't know much about B12 as mine wasn't ever a problem, even though my ferretin did get down to 8.

Even though your ferretin is in the teens, i'm not surprised that you wouldn't be feeling well due to low iron alone. From what i've read on these boards, majority of people didn't start feeling a difference until their ferretin got well into the 20's or higher.

Low iron and thyroid share a lot of the same symptoms. Has anybody done a full thyroid test. What you have to remember with the thyroid is that it can be just a little out and you can suffer symptoms.

In my case i was a 'little' out in my thyroid results, but not sufficient for previous doctors to worry about it or my symptoms. It wasn't until at least 7 years later that a doctor went further from the normal thyroid testing and asked for a Thyroid Antibodies test once my ferretin got to 61, but my thyroid didn't 'self correct'. My antibodies were very high and came back positive for Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Your thyroid can be affected by long term low iron, but once iron levels rise the thyroid should self correct.

In addition to my new found thyroid condition it was also found out that my adrenal function was bad and i had insufficient pancreatic enzymes to digest protein which is likely why i was deficient in various things eg: vitamin D, iron, iodine, zinc. I also had abnormal hair shedding and abnormal menstrual cycles for 7 years. Apparently all the things i have wrong with me from the iron right through to the thyroid are things my doctor has seen in his thyroid patients.

Your situation could be entirely different from mine and your symptoms could be due to something entirely different. The main thing is to get as many things tested as is possible and always keep a copy of all test results. Don't be fobbed off by inadequate doctors either. I wish i had found a message board like this when my problems first began. I feel 7 years behind now.

All the best and keep us posted on your progress :)

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