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[QUOTE=Kittykabuka;3578405]Hello From Maryland ~
I too am a new person to this lab stuff ~ I have had issues with low red blood cells for the past year ~ been in and out of the hosptal dehydrated from what I thought was the flu ~ I think when ever I get around someone who is ill, I seem to get it bad ~ then everything seems to fall off the charts ~ the last time I was in the hospital they wanted to give me a blood transfusion, I said I didn't know them and wanted to find a doctor of my choice. I did find a wonderful hematologist here in Maryland, she went over all my blood works from the past year ~ Now, let me tell you going into her office to begin with brought tears to my eyes, seemed as if no one was well ~ She ran my CBC and Iron levels and told me she would call me with the results so that I didn't have to return to her right away ~ My iron was extremely low and my rbc was low again ~ I have had a hysterectomy over 18 years ago so she was concerned why I was not making the correct amount of rbc ~ She suggested that I take two iron transfusions and see where my blood count is from there ~ The side effects for me were awful ~ I went and read that maybe I would have nausea, slight headache and maybe some joint swelling ~ OH MY GOSH ~ joint swelling, no my legs blew up so bad that my feet were pushing my shoes off ~ I had an awful headache and little nausea ~ I called right away and told her about my side effects and she suggested that I go to the hospital, I thought to myself yeah, right ~ NOT! Being around sick people wasn't what I needed ~ I told here that my breathing was fine and I would take some Benadryl and in two/three days my swelling was gone ~ though I had bruising from the skin stretching out so much ~ it was the second one that scared me the worse, this time I loss my breath ~ needed to sit down every 4 to 5 steps ~ once I got into the car I was able to calm down and catch my breath ~ Once again, I went home and took some more Benadryl ~ now I have to wait a month before I get another blood test and see where we are with the rbc. I do understand when people say they feel great the day after as I did, I just couldn't move, my feet were stuck in one position, my hands were so swollen and the worse were my caves, I felt as if I had charlie horse in both legs ~ they were so tight, rock solid as if I had just ran a marathon, so I lay there my mind wanting my body to move, jump up and down but I couldn't and then I'm back to crashing again ~ tired can't seem to hold the iron ~ The Colonoscopy have been done since I was 40 since colon cancer runs in our family ~ The allergic reaction was the worse of all of this iron transfusion, I'm starting to feel sluggish again ~ I wish someone could tell me what is next on the list ~ I told them I was allergic to shell fish in abundance and also any contrast for taking the upper GI, which was never done. They said that I was getting just iron and not to worry, I thought nothing of it, go figure ~ I'm tired and want it all over with ~ it's been over a year and I want to feel good ~ If anyone has some suggestions for me, my ears and eyes are open ~

I had a very low red blood cell count for a long time. I was on iron always, finally I was on 3 iron pills a day. My doctor said, your iron is fine but your Hemoglobin is not going up its slowly going down. After lots of tests with a specialist, I have Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. My immune system thinks my red blood cells are something to distroy. Just thought it may be something to check. Good luck

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