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I saw the Neurologist today. My brain and neck MRI's are normal, with a few abnormalties in the spine, but nothing that he felt would cause any of my current issues. I had a nerve conduction study on my legs, and it does show idiopathic neuropathy.

As for my blood results. After less than a week on 1000 mg B12, my level has gone from 191 to 333! Obviously, I'm still on the low end, but I'm feeling optimistic about that result. This is the first time some of the other values have been checked...

Ferritin: 56 (range: 10-232)
Iron: 71 (range: 40-160)
HCT: 38.2 (range: 35.0-45.0)
HGB: 12.9 (range: 11.7-15.5)
RBC: 4.15 (range: 3.80-5.10)

They all seem to be on the low side of normal. Would these be issues?

I'm wondering if I ought to go get a B12 injection to hurry things along, instead of just taking the pills like the doc said to, or should I be happy with a 142 point increase in 5 days, and keep doing what I'm doing?

What do you all think???

BTW, yesterday I felt like I was walking easier, and this morning I actually accomplished something at work (feeling a little more focused). My realization of these things was BEFORE I received my blood results today!

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