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Recently I was told that my B12 was low. The range on the blood test said 200-1100. My B12 was 180 which is just slightly off the low end. Is it that bad??
[B]I am not B-12 deficient myself. I can tell you that a friend of mine is B-12 def. and also has IDA. She has many of the same symptoms as I do even after her IDA is in check and her B-12 is somewhere around 500 now, but with a low ferritin remaining. I'm sure you have read 200 is the bottom where the doctors will treat you with injections. I cannot imagine having a B-12 so low. I do think this would be an undesirable thing to have, especially after reading what the people here say about their experience. When I was dx'd with iron deficiency anemia my B-12 count was 832. I do however take a B-12 complex (sublingual) for energy because I saw that my B-12 dropped slightly in a 6 month period. It helps me so much, I love it!! [B]

After doing some research, I think this deficiency was caused by the fact that I have been taking Prilosec for a mild form of gastritis for about 3 years now and these meds interfere with absorption I am told.
[B]From what I have read B-12 usually is NOT a problem with the ~long term~ use of PPI's, but it can happen. I think in your case, maybe age is a factor along with gastritis (that can also be contributed to age) and these two things are contributing to deficiency not so much the PPI. Although it may be the problem, I can't tell you that.[/B]

On the blood test they did not test Feritin...[B]I would ask for a ferritin check just to be on the safe side and also it will give you a baseline for your future. I wish I would have known about ferritin, but I had to find out from the Internet. Also you should have your folate checked if not already.[/B]

HGB (?) 16 (13.4 to 17.5)
If these are my blood cell count, I am in normal range right?
[B]Yes, you are in normal range. Not only are you in normal range but you are at ~optimal~ Hgb count for a male, so you look really good according to that figure. What is your HCT value and lab range? Your H & H values are used to calculate anemia. [/B]

Other things I noticed on the lab report that were out of range. I have no idea what these things are.
MCV 100.8 (82 - 98)
MCH 33.9 (27 - 33)
[B]The only thing I can comment on about this is the fact that your MCV and MCH are a higher value which is often times associated with a B-12 deficiency. B-12 deficiency is larger cells, and higher MCV.[/B]

Will the B12 give me some energy?
[B]When you replenish your B-12 stores, which takes time, you should feel well and have energy from that being corrected. If you still feel bad then you know to start looking for other reasons. Keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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