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FLFlowergirl..........For the last several years I have had a total loss of energy. I need to take a nap everyday etc. I am a very active 67 year old and this napping interferes with my lifestyle. Also I just cant seem to lose any weight. I am 5'10 and 230 pounds. I feel like a slug even though I don't eat much more then my wife. MY doctor tested my testostorone and found that the level was very low. He put me on an injection 1/month. This alleviated the symptoms slightly but really has not helped much

Recently I was told that my B12 was low. The range on the blood test said 200-1100. My B12 was 180 which is just slightly off the low end. Is it that bad??

After doing some research, I think this defeciancy was caused by the fact that I have been taking Prilosec for a mild form of gastritis for about 3 years now and these meds interfere with absorbtion I am told.

They have perscribed B12 injections. One/week for a month and then 1/month after that. I think the dose is 1 ml for each injection.

On the blood test they did not test Feritin...
WBC white blood cells??) 4.77 (4 to 11)
RBC 4.72 (4.4 to 5.9)
HGB (?) 16 (13.4 to 17.5)
If these are my blood cell count, I am in normal range right?

Other things I noticed on the lab report that were out of range. I have no idea what these things are.
PLT 117 (140 - 400)
MCV 100.8 (82 - 98)
MCH 33.9 (27 - 33)
ALK PHO 43 (50 - 136)

Will the B12 give me some energy?

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