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HGB S question
May 26, 2008
I just had bloodwork done through elecrophoresis and it came back that my HGB A1 is 65% and my HGB S is 35%. I have looked and looked and looked on the Net for information and can only find limited info for Sickle Cell trait and then lots of confusing stuff about why someone might be anemic with SCA. My question is can there be a false positive to this test? I have been pretty anemic from both iron deficiency and B12 for the past year and 1/2 (lowest HGB around 9.3, average around 11 on iron supplements).
I also have strong symptoms of hypothyroidism but my dr won't even consider testing for it. When I mentioned that for the past ten years my HGb has been falling but that even BEFORE my HGB indicated anemia I had low MCV and MCH, she ordered the elctrophoresis (but didn't recheck my B12, folic acid or Vit D even after a month of treatment) to look for thalamessia.
She is convinced that I have a gastric bleed even though I have never had a single symptom and had a proctological exam that was fine. My mother is also anemic and went through ALL the GI stuff (including swallowig a camera!!!) for lots of pain and suffering and nothing showing up, but she is still anemic.
I don't want to go through all that for nothing and it seems to me that given the pattern of anemia something other than a GI bleed is going on.
Can you get a false positive on the HGB S test? What causes it? I am so VERY CONFUSED by what I am reading on the Net. Can anyone point me to a good place to understand all this? Any good place to find a dr?

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