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I am sorry you are feeling so poorly especially with a new baby. Did your doctor check your CBC to see if you were still anemic? I only saw that you had a HgB of 11 during your pregnancy. Were you taking a prenatal vitamin during your pregnancy?

I have never found a doctor or any medical paper that indicates that a low ferritin causes symptoms in a person but anemia does. I did see one study that said that a low ferritin caused female athletes to have decreased performance even though they were not anemic. I know that many people with a low ferritin, without anemia, say that they feel unwell. I can tell, physically, when mine is dropping below 10 even before my blood work is back.

Being pregnant can definitely deplete your iron stores and it takes many months to build them back up. You will not feel better in 10 days. My hematologist told me that it would take 6 months to build up my iron stores, when I was first started on oral iron. In fact, the doctor said it was not necessary to check my CBC and ferritin until I had been on the iron, religiously, for the 6 months .

Could you go see your OB/GYN and have him/her check you out since your PCP was not very helpful? Your pregnancy was very recent and you did have bleeding. Good luck and congratulations on your new little baby.

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