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Serum iron tells you how much iron is circulating in the body. I'm not sure about your lab range of 70 - 180. Lab results for a full iron test will usually include a number of things. Lab results usually say the word 'ferretin' and the ranges are usually around the 20 mark and upwards to about 291.

I highly doubt that everything you are going through is purely due to a binge drink you went through, however, the binge drink wouldn't have helped matters.

Do you know which tests they ran for your thyroid and what your results were? Most of your symptoms sound like the ones you would find on a thyroid list. I am wondering if your doctor, like so many, has simply said your thyroid is fine due to your test results coming back 'within range'. Nobody had a clue my thyroid was out until finally one good doctor demanded a Thyroid Antibodies test and my antibodies were extremely high and it was realised that i had Hashimotos. For the past 10 years my TSH has been at 1.01 then up to virtually 4, then back down to 2.20 then up to 3.7, sort of like a roller coaster, but i kept being told i was fine. Nobody cared my hair was shedding, my menstrual cycles were all over the place, i couldnt fall pregnant and felt extremely tired.

More and more people are finding out that their TSH figure doesn't have to be sky high to be affected by thyroid type symptoms.

If you are low in vitamin D it is likely you could be low in other things. You mentioned bad nails, have you had your zinc tested? If your thyroid is playing up or if your body is having difficult absorbing vitamins/minerals, get your iodine tested while you are at it. My iodine was extremely low and i had to go on supplements.

Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? That can cause malabsorbtion of vitamins and minerals which can make you ill too.

I too fore some reason went through a few years worth of bacterial vaginosis as well. Mine were mostly flaring up somewhere between ovulation and my period starting. I couldn't link anything to it and it roughly began a year and a half after i began shedding my hair and my periods went all over the place. A number of doctors said it was a hormonal issue. If you check out the Women's Health section of the Healthboard you will notice a heap of women keep getting recurring BV infections and nobody knows why.

For me, i went to have a routine papsmear last year and i lucked on one of their best doctors at the clinic. I told her my situation and she said it wasn't normal. She put me on a different type of antibiotic than what would normally be given, saying there are too many varying strains of bacteria in the body and doctors don't have a specific antibiotic for each form of bacteria. She also told me that my parnter should get a swab done of his urethral opening, saying that in men a form of bacteria can live there and no symptoms will show up. My partner had that done and he had no bacteria there. Either the antibiotics worked or the fact that my iron levels went up and my over all health was improving and my vitamin/mineral malabsorbtions were being corrected, who knows, but i don't get the BV the way i used to. If i get it now, it's the slightest hint or not at all, and only leading up to my period (sorry to be graphic, but i knew when i had it b/c there would be an over powering amonia type scent).

It's also wise to double check that it is definitely BV. Get a gyno to run all the various tests for the various strains of bacteria, yeast infection etc etc. yeast can make things 'dry' down there too. If you have a yeast overgrowth in the gut, it can lead to problems everywhere. It will cause muscle deterioration in females in severe cases and will effect the heart in males. It will cause malabsorbtion of vitamins from the food you eat, will cause irritable bowel, will cause chronic fatigue. About 13 years ago i had a chronic overgrowth of yeast in the gut but didn't know. I kept getting back to back yeast infections, but wouldn't have known it until i would have sex. I never had itching or discharge from the yeast infection, just a dryness during sex and it felt like my insides where red raw. It was the most amazing pain. I soon learnt that treating the vaginal area was like a bandaide solution. The yeast needed to be treated in the gut.

Once again, finding a good doctor was the key. I found one who treated it from the inside out. I had to take a good probiotic, went on a special and strict diet and some vitamins. In a month i was fixed and all the vaginal issues were gone.

Lastly, and most important of all, do you have a copy of your test results? It is absolutely vital to keep your own copy so that you can do research of your own if you feel your doctor isn't doing the right thing by you. I have all my test results from 1998 onwards and now that i know so much more about how things work in my body, these test results make for some very interesting reading and show up how utterly incompetent my ex-doctor was. Shame i wasted 8 years on him!!

The problem is that so many illnesses share so many similar symptoms and when doctors keep telling you your results are fine then something begins to smell. You are doing the right thing into looking into this. Hope you get some answers soon as it's no fun living with all the symptoms you are going through. Take care :)

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