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Not according to what I've read on the web as well as here. I've been sick for over 2 years with no known cause and just recently my doctor found out that I'm severely vitamin D deficient. When the supplements she prescribed didn't make me feel better she tested my zinc and my iron. According to her they were both low normal with a zinc level of 63 and an iron level of 71. According to what I'm reading here 71 is almost nowhere near being too low for a female. Maybe a male. But my doctor told me that according to the reference range she had that 70 is the absolute lowest. Don't know what the upper limit is though.

I've been going through the posts here and reading other people's results and not once have I seen a reference range saying that 70 is the absolute lowest for a female. I'm mostly seeing 30 or 50.

I just think its frustrating because I was glad that there was finally something else to explain why I've been feeling so horrible after all these years. I hate to think she's wrong and that these supplements won't help at all.

While I'm here, I'd like to ask doctor decided to put me on Tandem F (106 mg of elemental iron and 1mg of folic acid) to treat my "low iron." Lets just say that iron deficiency is the cause for my symptoms. How long will I have to be on the supplement before I feel a difference? I've been on it for a month and still feel the same.

I would also like to know if anyone else here ever had a value close to mine and how did they feel when it was at that level?

Thanks, everyone.

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