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Wow. Thanks for the lengthy response! You had some questions so I'll shed some light on them. First of all, yes I did have my zinc checked as well and it was low-normal. I've been on zinc and iron for over a month now. I've also had an antibody test for Hashimoto's and that was negative. Had my tsh tested several times and it ranges anywhere between .35 and .6. Usually around .35 or .45. I guess thats not enough of a difference to warrant further investigation. And I know for a fact that I have bv. I've been living with it for a year and a half now and have had it confirmed literally at least 15 or so times. Yeah, I go to the doctor for it to be sure that's what it is, and every time its BV. :( I have seen an article thats all over the internet that says that BV infections can be a sign of subclinical iron deficiency in early pregnancy, but I wonder if that can apply to all women. Because I'm not nor have I ever been pregnant. I've also been tested for candida overgrowth b/c my mom had that problem and she too kept getting the yeast infections and just felt like crap constantly. She's hypothyroid too. :-/ Anyway, that too was negative. Everything you mentioned I've been tested for at least once. Most of them I've been tested for more than once.

At this point I'm convinced that its a case of undiagnosed Sjogren's syndrome. I just have to keep waiting for that positive ANA or Sed rate (both came back negative). I'm so dry in comparison to what I used to be. Everything is dry. Mouth, eyes, vagina, skin, even nasal passages.

Do you know anything about Sjogren's?

And PLEASE tell me if you remember what the antibiotic was for your bv. If you can't would you mind finding out some how? I would be so grateful!

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