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ebon aurora - when you say that you have been sick for 2 years, what exactly do you mean by 'sick'? Are you able to name your symptoms?

With regard to ranges for ferretin, both my past doctor, who treated my low iron, and my current doctor,who is treating my thyroid condition, believe in being over 70 + and preferrable 100 - 125 ug/L. In my case i know they prefer my ferretin to be higher as they believe it's better overall for my thyroid.

The highest my ferretin got to was 61 and it took me 2 years to get there. The moment i stopped taking daily iron supplements it dropped slightly lower by my next blood test. I did find out though that i had a malabsorbtion issue with iron, iodine and vitamin D, which they believe is due to finding out that my pancreas isn't producing sufficient enzymes to help digest protein so i'm lacking in certain things.

Being low in vitamin d and iodine wouldn't have helped my thyroid much either. You need sufficient daily vitamin D to help with calcium absorbtion too. You can eat as much dairy as you like, but you wont benefit from all that calcium if you aren't getting sufficient vitamin D every single day. Also, don't OVERLOAD on vitamin D right away because if your calcium is low, taking too high a dosage of vitamin D can have the same effect as insufficient calcium.... it can make your bones brittle. My doctor said it was ok to take more than the recommended amount on the container, but not to exceed it by more than 10 times what it said on the directions. I think my one said to take one capsule daily and my doctor said it was ok to take up to 5 daily in my case as i was severly low.

Back to you saying that you have felt ill for the last 2 years....... I used to think that simply boosting my ferretin would make me feel fantastic, but even with a ferretin of 61 i ended feeling more and more ill. I didn't feel the type of tiredness i felt when my ferretin was at 8, but i felt a different sort of tiredness. I felt wiped out most days, like i'd been hit by a bus and it wasn't until i went on medication for my thyroid and medication for my adrenal function and enzymes to help food digestion that i now feel a whole world better. Still tire more than 'normal' people, but so much better than prior to taking all the meds.

Hope you find out what is going wrong :)

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