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kw123 - have your doctors run a blood test to check whether you are low in anything else other than simply ferretin? One of my gp's only checked my iron levels and a couple of other basic things. It was only when i got worried about my hair loss and inability to get my my ferretin above 14 that i found myself a new doctor and he check a multitude of things. My Vitamin D and iodine were both lower than low, my zinc could have been better too.

The moment my new doctor saw how low my vitamin D was he got me taking supplements to boost it back up fast as he said it can lead to possibility of getting an auto immune disease later on.

The time i've spent on here i've come to realise that if your low iron is due to diet, with the help of supplements, it will rise fast. If it takes ages to get your ferretin boosted then your low iron is usually due to something else. In my case my malabsorbtion is due to my pancrease not digesting protein effectively due to insufficient enzymes.

Most definitely keep taking an iron supplement and have repeat blood tests to see where your levels are at. Don't leave repeat testing for longer than 3 months.

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