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[QUOTE=ElleDi;3588936]it just doesn't seem scientifically correct to call a range of 10 291 "normal" because how could one person with 29 times the iron level of the other both be normal?
[B]This range is also different according to the lab used. My lab value for ferritin is 13-150 and 10-291, what a difference. They just consider anything "within range" to be normal.[/B]

My ferritin went from a 9 last year (18 months ago) to a 24 this year. Yay.
But with a high normal being 291, my 24 still seems very low. I read where another woman took iron when her ferritin dipped below 70.
[B]I finally got my Endo to answer that question and even he admitted that he was no expert in ferritin and said 45-50. My Hematologist said over 10 and under 1000. It just gets crazy. When trying to find out they act like I'm crazy for wanting to know.[/B]

I guess my question is-- what's [I]really[/I] normal and healthy?
And after a year of working on it, can I hope to get over 24 or does the body just find it's own "normal"?
And should I expect it to take another 18 months to get higher, if that's even possible?
[B]I have read on the net "70" for health is a good number. I have been working on it for over a year and I continue to supplement and my ferritin also continues to rise. Eventually if you are not having a problem you would need to discontinue supplements and your body would level out eventually. However, I was told that I have malabsorption and that I am married to iron supplements. I takes time to raise the ferritin to a healthy level which is different for everyone.[/B]

One final thing... this sounds stupid but.. does menstruation continue to "drain" my ferritin levels each month? I have this vision of me getting my ferritin to 50 over the first 3 weeks, then watching it plummet one week a month. Is that how it works or no?
[B]The amount of iron that is lost must be replaced by the intake from your diet. When this amount is not enough a negative iron balance. This is when the iron stores are used by the body, a special mechanism that knows when to pull from the ferritin stores, this is used to make up the deficit whatever that may be a lot or a little. If you are having heavy bleeding I have read that you should supplement with double iron on those days so that this situation does not occur. Until the problem is fixed it will continue to happen. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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