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Hi Everyone,

i don't know if I'm anemic or what.... but for the last 6 months or so I've had low iron. I don't have all the numbers but my iron stores were like an 18, then down to 15 now at 9.

I was taking supplements on and off but since my last check I've been trying to take them regularly. I tend to forget on the supplements since I have 2 small kids and most of my time is spent keeping them fed, busy and out of trouble.

Lately, I've noticed my heart feels very fluttery... it seems to beat fast and I can feel it where as most times I don't notice it. i've also been tired and short of breath.

Are all these symptoms of low iron?

I'm trying to build my iron back up but I'm not sure how much iron to take. All my doctor said was to take one supplement... I'm not sure if it's enough. I'm taking something I got at the healthfood store called 'easy iron' and I think it only has 18 MG of iron in it.

Any advice anyone has is greatly appriciated. I am really at the end of my rope as I've been dealing with some sort of ear/balance/dizzy issues since last summer and I really don't need anything else to go wrong with me.

I have been dealing with low iron for years. I take a multi vitamin that contains iron and it helps. To make sure you are getting enough iron take at least 18 mg(100%) of iron with food everyday.

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