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Audrey, that's fascinating about the candida causing loss of magnesium and calcium. I have some probiotics in my fridge because I had a suspicion about candida at one time and I have taken them before but I guess I stopped because I reach a mental saturation point with all the supplements I take. I could put them back in he routine without too much problem now.

I, too, have just tossed all the plastics out of this house and replaced my storage containers with glass and got one of those aluminum water bottles for portable water. We are reaching a point in our evolution where our technology of convenience is getting dangerous for our existence! But did you know that in order to really rid yourself of all the pseudo-estrogens, you should also give up... alcohol?? (cue scary music). They studied breast cancer rates a few years ago in Marin County, California and were unable to find a correlation for the high incidence of breast cancer which were the highest in the country at the time, until they studied alcohol consumption which were also highest among women in the country. Alcohol causes estrogen "storms" which are friendly to growing cancer cells. Those of us in the Pacific NW know about lack of Vitamin D and cancer rates, so drinking too much alcohol up here where I live scares me. I love my wine, and I pretty much limit it to the weekends. I have loved the excuse that white wine helps with iron absorption, but no more than one glass.

However, I also struggle with the whole "life is too short to worry about all this stuff" aspects of health decisions. But running to the bathroom all the time is not normal. Thank goodness I work at home, but I can remember having symptoms when I worked in an office. Like all bad memories, I had forgotten it.

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