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Re: New to Anemia
Jul 8, 2008
[QUOTE=newyrkr23;3606788]Hi! I'm a newbie too. Here's my story- I have always been iron deficient but not anemic as well as heavy menstrual cycles. A couple of years back the gave me iron pills- I believe ferro-sequol (excuse the spelling) they were over the counter and made me sick, I eventually stopped taking them and started eating more fiber etc. Then last June, I went on Seasonique, so I would not get menstrual as much. Well for the past couple of months, I have been tired, I work 6 days, so on the 7th day I couldn't get out of bed. (plus it was a different job in my company) I was tired a lot, weak, I was spotting, I basically thought I was stressed, burnt. Well one day, I thought I was losing it, crying, could barely make it home I had to call my mom to stay with me. I never ask for help, so she knew something was wrong. From the minute I walked into the dr office, he knew, he said you need a blood transfusion, I bursted into tears, he said ok first we will get blood work and I will prove to you. On Thursday, I got my bloodwork done and that night he called me and said I need a blood transfusion and if I didn't go to hospital within 72 hours I would be dead-(if I bled even sooner) Well I went to hospital, I had a hemoglobin of 2.5 and a hemocrit of 10, they could not believe at the hospital how I was a live they called me a medical miracle. They said I shouldnt have been talking or walking at those levels. well, I had 5 bags of blood, I was released at a 7.9. I started at a hemotologist with iron infusion therapy 2x week on May 5th in addition to prescribed repliva 21/7 1x day, vit c 1x day, multi v 1x day. Later, I needed b12 shots. They said it was either something gynocogical or internal causing it. Well, I am happy to say my iron is at a 12.4 as of today, I am having 1 treatment a week and the B12 shot is on maintenance now, 1x week. I do have fibroids 3 12cm, 5 cm, and 2.4 cm. I had a consult scheduled for last week about my options but the doctor cancelled- I go in July. I am glad to know the possible cause. It all happened so fast, I didnt realize how serious it was until everyone knew who I was and kept saying how are you alive. I am very grateful. The thing that touched me was a hospital worker who came up to me and said I am 35 like you and I have 2 kids, and i do not take my iron pills, you made me start taking them because i want to live and be there for my kids. By the way, the doctors said Seasonique saved my life, because I didn't lose as much blood! I hope this helps!-[/QUOTE]
Thank God you went when you did. You must have felt terrible I know I have a hard time with breathing when mine went to 9. I do not have periods at all. I had Breast Cancer 17 yrs ago and went into earlymenopause and they was the end of that. (although I did about bleed to dead 2x's because out of the blue my body decided I was to young to be through menopause and I almost hemoraged) BUt that was a long time ago and doesn't have anything to do with now. I have to go back in about a couple weeks to get my blood checked again. Been taking Centrum for Kids with iron(taste better than Flintstones) And don't have shortness of breath as much.
Let me know how you are doing.

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