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mbbasketball - i totally agree with adding a new good doctor/s even if you can't get rid of the bad old ones. That is what saved me in the end, never giving up on finding at least one good doctor. It took a while, but i found him and he then found my next good doctor. Usually one good doctor will know another good doctor. My current doctor has patients fly in from interstate simply for a consult on their thyroid and then they fly back home. Makes you realise how many bad doctors are out there and what lengths people are willing to go to for their health.

FLFLOWERGIRL - adrenal fatigue is another big one. I thought i was alone with this until i visited the thyroid board and a heap of other people over there have it too. From reading, some people's doctors never tested for it until much further down the track. My doctor tested for it prior to medicating me with any thyroid meds. Actually he tested the adrenals, hormones and digestive area prior to issuing any medication.

He recently got me to do a liver test to see how it's detoxing. My phase 2 liver detox isn't where he'd like it. From what i know, the phase 1 area filters everything from the shampoo and cosmetics you use to food, pollution etc. The phase 2 area then sends things off to the bloodstream, kidneys, bowels or where ever else. It sort of wraps it up and moves it on and this is the area i'm having issues with. He has put me on a Glycine powder after meals and he also mentioned that milk thistle is another good one to take for the liver.

I never understood what the liver had to do with all the other issues i have, but then i read something somewhere on what's connected to what and what does what, what goes where and it appears within what goes on with the thyroid and what has to be correct for the thyroid to work successfully the liver comes into it somewhere along the line. It's all too confusing, but it made sense when i read it :D

Do they check your iodine levels too? Mine is always checked via urine, never a blood test. I also did a 24 hr iodine retention test to see how much iodine i'm left with in my system. I steadily lose it and this is being blamed on the thyroid too.

I'm now taking one drop of iodine each day and he has also added selenium to the mix, of which i take 3 drops. He said evaluating selenium levels via a blood test is not very effective as it tends to show you as having more than you actually do have. Taking selenium tends to help people lower their thyroid antibodies too.

I asked my doctor why everybody appears to be on a T4 type medication and i'm on a particular T3 type called Triiodothyronine. Not sure now if he meant ALL T4 med's or just thyroxine, but did say that it releases totally within one hour, whereas the one i'm on releases slowly over a longer period and he feels is more beneficial. He said it works most similar to how the thyroid would work. I take mine morning and night and it is not affected by taking iron tablets with it, whereas T4 type med's can't be taken in conjunction with iron. He did go on to say that much later down the track he will introduce a tiny bit of Thyroxine to what i'm taking at present, just to fine tune things.

It is funny how different doctors do things differently. Some of the things i've read on what doctors have told people is extremely scary. One girl had high antibodies and her TSH was all over the place, but as it had not reached 4, her doctor would not medicate her. As soon as my doctor saw my antibodies he didn't give a damn about my TSH, he knew automatically what i had.

I was reading one of those books lists on new books which are out and the little snippets of information they give you on the book's content. There is a book called "Why am i so Tired? Is your Thyroid making you ill?" by Martin Budd. He says "The thyroid is your metabolic clock and when the gland is inefficient, your metabolism does not usually recover from sleep until midday". Maybe this explains why my metabolism came up in my test as being slow as my doctor said the test MUST be perform early in the morning and no later than 10am.

I think you are quite clued in on what's going on with you and all you need now is a doctor who is as clued in and willing to see you get better.

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