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Okay, I need a little encouragement now. I went for my 3 mo labs and had ferritin, b-12, folate, and CBC. My Endo also ran my TSH and T-4. Here are the results. My ferritin was 43 the highest it's ever been and I thought that it would be at least 50-60 now and it went down to 41. It was a different lab so I would really say that the numbers didn't change but remained the same. What a blow though, now I am wondering if it will ever go up anymore that was 3 more months of 150mgs iron daily and prenatal vitamins. I don't think that 1 daily is enough for me. My doc (PCP) said that he will no longer run ferritin checks on me and signed me off on the anemia and said come back in 3 months. My B-12 dropped from 901 to 801 also a different lab but close in values. Looks like a case of malabsorption (PPI'S) to me maybe the GI doc was right about that but he will not return my call regarding this DX. I did have a Dexa Scan done on Thursday to be sure nothing is happening there.

The one thing that I can rave about is my Hgb is now 14.4 and it was 14.1 so I'm looking pretty optimal there. My doc also said that the ferritin has nothing to do with the way that I am feeling. That really stinks!! I have symptoms that I have not been able to get help with from any doctors.

My TSh is now 4.50 and that doc said stay with the dose that I am on 0.75 4 days and 0.50 3 days. I went from normal function to 4.87 to 0.16 to 4.40 (Hashi's), and the high end of this so called ref. range is 4.50. But I go by 3.0and 4.40 is high to me. I can't change all my doctors, can I ????? I really don't know where to go from here I can't just take more iron without screening, but I think that is what I need to raise my ferritin. Any comments would be great!! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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