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Re: 14 and anemia
Jun 15, 2008
When going vegetarian and excluding meat, you need to get your protein from elsewhere. I'd say there is a very good chance you are either low in iron or actually anemic. I'd also hazard a good guess that if you are low in iron you could be low in other things.

By vegetarian, what foods where you actually excluding? Meat products don't only contain iron, they also contain a lot of other vitamins which our body needs and this would be why you would also be feeling so weak, spacey, unable to focus, your hair and nails are so brittle and dry.

You do not have to become vegetarian to lose weight. You can still eat meat, but eat a leaner cut of meat. You don't have to eat meat every single day of the week, at least 3 times per week is fine. Instead of cutting out ALL your meat and whatever else you have cut out, why don't you eat less carbohydrates and bad fats and also cut out fizzy drinks.

Losing weight should go hand in hand with a healthy and sensible diet and exercise.

Why don't you reintroduce some meat into your diet, plus buy a quality multivitamin and also an iron supplement. After a few weeks you should start feeling better if it's simply loss of iron due to excluding all meat from your diet.

If you really want to go vegetarian then you ought to do some research on the net and find out how to be a healthy vegetarian. Some people think being vegetarian means living off salads and excluding all meat, eggs and dairy. If you do this, you need to know what other foods to replace them with so your body isn't losing vitamins and minerals and your health doesn't deteriorate.

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