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Kiwi, I just noticed your profile. I lived there once for about 3 years on Crespi. I love it there. That walk up and down that hill to the beach was my exercise, when I was in better shape. It would just about kill me now.

It's not that I don't trust doctors, but I do think their knowledge is incomplete. You might have read about my experience with heart palpitations and it was my acupuncturist who told me about magnesium for it, I took some, and it stopped them cold and they have not returned. When I had them before, my cardiologist told me "they're benign and will eventually go away" and sent me home. Yeah, like 8 months of destroyed sleep later, they went away. At the same time, I would never expect my chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist to know anything about a broken bone. Everyone brings a little something to complete the picture. I think your doctor will have likely heard of chelates, but I suspect he will discourage you from taking them because he feels your anemia is severe enough to skip all oral forms of iron. You will need to assess for yourself whether or not it's worth a try.

I think most docs recommend the drug store ferrous sulfate because it's available to everyone easily. And they are aware of the miserable side effects so in the same breath, they will say "and while you are at the drugstore, pick up a stool softener, or a laxative. You're going to need it". I say "why? when there are other better irons out there, and not just mine. There are people here who absolutely tolerate ferrous sulfate and other iron formations. Most doctors discourage people from ever walking into a health food store for anything. I'm not exactly down on doctors, but I have accepted their "limited thinking" and have had to round out my own care with other "experts".

The good news, I am doing very well. Keep up your own education and with any luck and a little faith, you'll turn your numbers around soon. If your doctor feels strongly that IV iron is the only way to go, then I guess I would hang in there a bit longer. It's not an easy call, I'll grant you that.

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