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45 yo female - no children, overweight, taking nexium and wellbutrin

I was told I had a 7.4 Hemoglobin, MD sent me for transfusion which brought me up to 9.1. diagnosed as microcydic anemia

I have had heavier periods the older I get. Nnot lasting many days but bleeding bad the first few days (seeing blood cover the circle at bottom of toilet 2-3" diameter). then tapering to almost nothing. bleeding very heavy for 2 days. Passing clots - however no intermittent bleeding.

I have been on Nxxium 40 mg for 6+ years for reflux and gerd. I understand that can affect iron absorption, could that combined with the heavy periods each bring my hemogl down that much?

hemooccult x3 days was negative

Last US (transvag) showed possible fibroid. I am scheduled for a pelvic Us and colonoscopy.

Can the heavy periods combined with the nexium account for the count to be so low?

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