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Re: Progress Report
Jun 29, 2008

RBC 5.19H (4.65) - Meaningless. Range: 3.87-5.11
Hemoglobin 12.5 (11.4L) - Perfect. Range: 12.0-15.0
[B]Optimal Hgb for women is 14. For an example; mine is 14.4 now and I am continuing to take 150 poly daily. I went to 1X daily per my hematologist when my Hgb hit 13.6[/B]
Hematocrit 42.1 (38.9) - Perfect. Range: 36.0-46.0
[B]Hct, the optimal value is 42%. Mine runs at 42%.[/B]
MCV 81.1 (83.7) Range: 78.0-100.0
[B]Optimal adult is 90. Mine is 90.3[/B]
MCHC 29.7L (29.3L) Range: 30.0-36.0
[B]MCHC Optimal is 34. Mine is 34.2.[/B]
RDW 17.4H (14.7H) - Nothing to do with anemia, an infection or allergies. Range: 11.5-14.0
Platelet Count 197 (327) Range: 150-400

[B]I posted my values just to give you an idea of what a post anemia patient on iron supplements looks like. This does not mean that is what you should be. I hope that info gives you a better perspective. I don't remember what your ferritin was when you first came to this board, but I suspect that is was under 10, just a guess. If so, it is recommended that iron be continued for up to 6 months post anemia to replenish iron stores. For some people it takes much longer and you do indeed need a recheck for your ferritin to see where your at. I have been told by people here, my doctors and read that your ferritin should be at least 50. There are many opinions on that number but I would shoot for 50 for minimal optimal health. Anything more is wonderful! IMO I would raise your Hgb and Ferritin and your good! I am no doctor just a ~practicing patient~FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

Sincerely, AbeliaRose[/QUOTE]

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