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It helped to read from Christine, on another thread, that if someone is having heavy periods, taking tons of iron may not solve the problem.

I have been bleeding daily - usually heavily, sometimes hemorraghia - since August, 2007. That's 11 months.

I have at least one box or bag of every feminine protection product in existence spilling out of every backpack, drawer, shelf, or cupboard in my apartment.

I have apparently had PCOS all of my life. For years, I had virtually no period at all. My period showed up whenever it felt like it: anywhere from 35 days to 6 months apart. Then by my late 30s, I started getting more bleeding, sometimes for up to 6 months, with occasional hemorraghia. I'll be 46 in July.

I have been seeing my doc monthly for a year and a half. She keeps saying "exercise more": that that's all I can do for the heavy bleeding!

She was very sharp about catching B12 deficiency, and is very knowledgeable about micronutrient deficiencies, and I like her in that she seems very bright, is knowledgeable about natural and alternative therapies (but isn't flakey) and really tries to help.

But lately, between this advice about my period, not staying on my case to keep up with the FeSO4 pills she prescribed a year ago (they made me constipated, so I'd tapered off of them 6 months ago), and sort of shrugging off my not taking the iron, then seeming surprised that my labs came back with low ferritin and iron saturation again, plus low RBCs, Hgb, and Hematocrit three weeks ago, I'm starting to consider finding a new doc.

She also didn't seem to suspect anemia even though so many of the symptoms I'd told her about are consistent with anemia. Very odd, considering my constant bleeding.

I have now been taking 325 mg FeSO4 3x/day for the past 3 weeks (except when I ran low on them for a week).

I'm eating raisin bran with soymilk daily to prevent constipation. I'm also eating more red meat and spinach, taking mega B12, and a mega-multivit. daily.

I read that taking iron pills can help reduce bleeding, and sometimes my periods have been a little lighter since restarting the pills.

I have been fortunate in all other regards with my periods: no cramps, no bitchiness (at least not that seems related to any "cycle" ;) though I have never had a cycle.)

My doc has never referred me to a gynecologist, though she did agree to an endocrinologist recently, and other specialists when I've requested them.

Hopefully I will see the endo in a couple of months.

Can anyone tell me what the causes of heavy periods are, please, and treatments? I'll do some research. I like to do things as naturally as possible. Also, I barely exercise, due to the anemia. I bike ~6 miles/week.

I figured I'd just ride out the heavy periods, but if they are going to frustrate the anemia recovery, I want to do something, and of course, don't want to ignore any other problems the bleeding might indicate.

Thanks for reading all of this,


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