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I fully agree with Christine. I spent virtually 2 years lifting my iron levels and focusing only on my ferretin the entire time. This was a loss of time as i ended up finding out my low iron was related to a thyroid condition which was also linked to a digestive disorder where my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes to digest protein.

Most times the low iron is linked to something else. The only time it might not be is if your brother was 100% vegetarian and living only off fruit and vegetables. If it's a simple dietary thing then eating right and taking iron and vitamin supplements would self correct it all over a period of time.

Often people with long term low iron also have a vitamin D defficiency. He might want to get that tested as long term vitamin D defficiency can lead to auto immune diseases later in life.

Not sure what your brother has been tested for, but i'd be making a list of ALL things linked to low iron and getting your brother tested for things one by one so you can strike them off your list. If you have a good doctor he should be helping you with all of this anyway.

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