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Hi Rana - Not sure of the name of the enzymes my co-worker was on, but he said his were expensive and he didn't get many in the packet. He is on holidays now, i can ask him what brand they were when he gets back. I on the other hand got two contains, each one containing 100 capsules and it is called Creon Forte and was a reasonable price. Just remember, this product might be on sale in the USA, but under a different name. I'm in Australia. I'd say you can get this product in the USA as it's made in Germany. My enzymes are as close as you can get to the human ones and are made from Porcine pancreas (i think that means it comes from pigs?)

My current and previous doctors have both said that a lot of people actually do have some degree of digestive problems which can be attributed to any number of things eg: poor diet, drinking too much just prior/during/straight after a meal as this washes away all the naturally produced enzymes, illnesses can cause lack of enzymes, getting older decreases enzymes and this is why older people generally should be on lighter meals, eating more frequently and certain foods don't agree with them, cooking/over cooking food destroys enzymes, not chewing your food properly, eating when calm is better rather than after an argument or when you are stressed as food wont get digested properly, skipping breakfast weakens the digestive system as our stomach energies are strongest this time of the day and the enzymes are all systems go. There are loads more things which affect enzymes and digestion, but you can look that up on the net.

If you eat healthy, get enough sleep, dont skip meals and are pretty much doing everything right, then there must be another reason for poor digestion or low enzymes.
In my case it's the pancreas not producing enough of only one enzyme which digests protein. My fat and carbohydrate digestive enzymes are exellent. My thyroid doctor ordered a stool analysis test to determine what was going on with my digestion. It's a great test as it shows up whether you have parasites, bacteria, yeast, digestive issues and what type of issues etc All i can say is that now i have no more major bloating after lunch and dinner and much flatter stomach without that "i feel 5 months pregnant feeling" :D Also i don't feel the need to eat like a horse, non stop 24/7. Now i eat normal meals and don't feel like i'm starving to death 30mins after eating a meal. This must mean that my system is feeling the effects of better digestion and hopefully absorbtion of more nutrients. Wonder if this means i will be off all these supplements one day soon. One can only hope.

Basically there are 3 enzyme types, metabolic, digestive and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes occur naturally in our bodies and encourage other bodily functions like eating, breathing, regulating metabolism etc Digestive enzymes are produced by our bodies and their function is to break down the foods we eat, metabolising and absorbing all the nutrients. If the pancreas is too weak and cant produce sufficient enzymes it takes from other vital organs and robs them of metabolic enzymes and once this happens it affects tasks such as thinking, talking, walking and even breathing. The last enzyme is food enzymes. The foods we eat help the digestive process. Raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and sprouted seeds are great for the digestive system.

So there you go, insufficient enzymes lead to poor digestion, your system doesn't get sufficient nutrients therefore you can't absorb or have difficulty absorbing things like protein which in my case is likely linked to my hair shedding as hair is 98% protein. It most definitely would also result in poor absorbtion of anything from iron to vitamin d, zinc and whatever else your body needs to help it function.

Both my doctors constantly see patients who have thyroid problems and have poor absorbtion rate of iron and other vitamins/minerals, digestive disorders, slow metabolism, hair shedding and messed up hormones. I first had the hair loss and messed up cycles, then later the low iron, then found out about the thyroid, then later i found out about my adrenal function and pancreatic problem. I thought each problem was an individual issue and it really depressed me. I kept thinking how can someone like me who eats and lives a healthy lifestyle have all these things wrong. I thought i was falling apart. Then through more doctors visits and doing more research i have found that so many other thyroid sufferers have very similar set of issues and that all the problems i have are not individual of one another, but are all linked to one another. It's sort of like "what came first, chicken or the egg". Guess i'll never know what broke down first within me and then caused the ripple effect, causing other areas to break down.

My thyroid doctor believes a lot of the problems i have are fixable over time. He said it's a matter of getting to the root of the cause and fixing that as well as all the other things. He said there is no point simply taking iron supplements if the iron is simply a symptom of something else. Likewise there is no use taking thyroid meds if other things are wrong in the body and having an effect on the thyroid as then the thyroid meds wont work to full effect. I think he has a valid point in all that.

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